Just be.

I am...

Psychology and psychotherapy are my basis, spirituality is my essence, life coaching and NLP are my lifestyle.
My path where I find inspiration and love.

My happy place where I try to dance with life.

The journey where my creativity and substance meet each other.

My name is Ursula. Rijeka is my home and island Krk my sanctuary. I am all rounder. You can see that through my education and the things I love and enjoy.

On the way to my diploma of Business Management I found out about a whole new world - coaching and psychology.

I opened the door of unknown, stepped in and found unlimited freedom of  perception.

Because of that experience I made a decision for which today I carry the title Master of Arts in Psychology with a focus in Neuro Linguistic Psychology NLP (MA).

Through the years of my education I became a

Mental Health Counselor, Life and Wingwave Coach, 

family and organizational constellations and katathym imaginative Coach, NLP Trainer, Mindfulness Trainer,

teacher of Autogenic training by Shultz,

practitioner of Quantum Entrainment (QH), PEAT practicioner and practitioner of 20 most effective coaching techniques.


My journey of life learning still continues ...

Currently I'm specializing to become a

psychotherapist of Transactional Analysis.

I spend my free time on happiness.
For me happiness is learning new things and increasing awareness.
Hanging out with friends, meeting new people and sharing life experiences. A glass of good wine, chocolate, everyday meditation, drawing, yoga, reading books and traveling.

Oh, I love to travel ...

Also, I love to sleep but often I exaggerate. 

I call that the syndrome of excessive enjoyment.

I love animals and most of all my toy poodle Louie.

He is my unconditional love.

I ride a motorcycle and I'm in love with the cars.

Therefore, I often say for myself that

I'm 40% men and 60% women.

I appreciate the simplicity and honesty.

Commotion and flexibility are very important to me.

Spontaneity is my middle name, and my last name is dreamer.

A smile and serenity adorn my life every day.

Little things make me happy and fulfilled.

Also I'm very curious.

And last but not least ... I'm a big fighter.

I 'm in love with love. And romance.

I feel everything very deeply.

Also I love to dive into depths of the soul.

Because I am the part of the Universe and the soul itself.

I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. The present moment is the only place where we should leave our emotion and attention. And I'm still learning that...


I believe that our beliefs are the key of creating our own life. 

In fact, everything about me is so incredible to be true, and so impossible to be a lie.