I believe in you.


Feeling depressed, guilty or ashamed?

You have frequent mood swings?

Are you facing panic attacks?

You're not happy and fulfilled anymore in your relationship?

You're going through divorce or have problems with your children?

You feel like other people are taking advantage of you?


If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then you are on the right place and psychotherapy counseling is the thing for you.

Counseling psychotherapy treatment starts by collecting basic information about you

and your life, past and current events, family and relationships, and health problems.

The most important part of counseling psychotherapy is the

relationship between you and me.

It is important that you feel comfortable ans safe so we can create a

relationship of deep trust. That way, you will be able to share with me your deepest thoughts, feelings and everything that you have not dared to tell anyone, and often not even yourself.

I offer you a safe place where you will be able to open up and say everything that is on your mind and soul.

No one will be surprised by your problems and attitudes,

no one will criticize you, shame or belittle you.

In the counseling psychotherapy that I do (transactional analysis), it is important that we create and enjoy a positive environment in which we will set healthy boundaries and rules. Together we will enter a process where a sense of security and trust prevails.

We will set a clear goal of our session and focus on achieving it while

monitoring the upcoming changes.


My task is to provide you an adequate support in your vision of yourself, world and the people around you. I am here to follow you faithfully through the process,

without criticizing you.

We are moving through those changes at a pace that suits you, in a way that is

important to you and the way you want it to be.

It is our relationship that heals and leads you to the positive life change

that you want.

What I want for you is to become aware of your own choices and your values.

That you can say:

''I want to. I choose that.''

That you become aware of your potential and resources.

To start making new decisions that are good and healthy for you.

That you can give yourself a permission to live a life you want.

For me it's important that you achieve your personal satisfaction, goals and

be fulfilled and mentally healthy.

We will work together on your autonomy and uniqueness.

We will strengthen your three potentials, which are

awareness, spontaneity and intimacy.

Be aware and present here and now, regardless of your difficult past life experiences. Consciously and spontaneously choose and express your

opinion, attitudes and feelings.

Stop being a victim of the environment and the world in which you live,

but choose for yourself what is important to you and what you want.

Make close and honest relationships with partner and other people, without manipulation.


Awaken the ability to love and be loved within yourself.

Surely you are wondering how many sessions it takes to witness

your positive changes?

According to research, psychotherapeutic counseling is most productive when we incorporate it into your lifestyle, once a week.

In 20 sessions, people already notice big changes, are more satisfied with themselves, achieve their goals and feel their life has really become better.

If you have decided to take that step with me and start your positive life changing journey,


First 30 minutes online is free so you can feel my presence and energy,

see how everything works, ask questions if you have some and decide

are you ready to take a serious life changing journey with me.